Total count or SwimCount?

Total count or SwimCount?

May 16, 2018

Total count or SwimCount?

Let’s be honest, what is quantity over quality?

Take this easy SwimCount test at home and get to know how many good, motile and progressive swimmers you have.
When it comes to male fertility, we are absolutely sure that the quality of your sperm cells is much more important than how many little swimmers you can produce in total. Think about it guys. Every ejaculation triggers up to staggering 300 million sperm cells (!), but what if less than 5 millions of those will be able to get the work done? What if some of your little tadpoles are abnormal, can’t swim that well, or even are dead? Wouldn’t it be nice to know how many of them are good?
SwimCount is the only male fertility test on the market, which exclusively focuses on testing how many motile and progressive sperm cells the man produces in one sample. Said in another way; this test is able to separate the good swimmers from the bad ones.


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