SwimCount™ offers an easy-to-use Sperm Quality test for home use and a new supplement for male fertility

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How does the supplement work?

SwimCount™ SpermCare is a food supplement for men, which contains Selenium and Zinc.*

• Selenium helps maintain normal sperm production                                            • Zinc helps with normal fertility and reproduction                                                  • Zinc contributes to maintain normal testosterone levels in the blood              • Selenium and Zinc contribute to the protection of cells from oxidative stress

In addition, SwimCount™ SpermCare contains Aronia extract, Lycopene, Coenzyme Q10 and vitamins.

*Following the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) Register of nutrition and health claims on foods.

How does the test work?

SwimCount™ measures the concentration of Progressive Motile Sperm Cells (PMSCs) in your ejaculate. PMSCs are the only sperm cells that can fertilize an egg in a natural way. 

Add the sperm sample to the device and wait 30 minutes before pulling the slider back. After having pulled the slider back, the color in the result window indicates whether the PMSCs quantity is above or below the WHO threshold for normal sperm (5 M PMSCs per/mL). The darker the color, the better is the result on your sperm quality. 
Clinical studies confirmed 95% accuracy of our SwimCount Test.

If your test shows your PMSC concentration is below the cut-off level for normal sperm quality, we recommed that your try to improve your lifestyle. You can read more about it on our blog.

Why choose SwimCount™?

SwimCount™ has a patented technology and is developed and based in Denmark by founders with more than 15 years of experience within fertility treatments. 

SwimCount™ is the only patented sperm quality test for home use that is able to measure the concentration of Progressive Motile Sperm Cells (PMSCs). PMSCs are the only sperm cells that can fertilize an egg and thereby make a woman pregnant in a natural way.

All in the privacy of your own home.


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