Combo deal 1: 2 pcs. SwimCount™ Sperm Quality Test

You save 15% on this combo deal, which includes 2 pcs. SwimCount™ Sperm Quality Test.

With this combo deal you can test your sperm quality at home in a cozy and quiet environment and find out how many of your sperm cells that are able to swim and whether you have a normal sperm quality. The combo deal includes 2 pcs. SwimCount™ Sperm Quality Test so you have the opportunity to test again if the first test result shows a low result or if you want to test your sperm quality again after some time. We recommend that you wait at least 3 months before testing again, as it takes the body 3 months to produce new sperm cells.


SwimCount™ Sperm Quality Test measures the number of the strongest Progressive Motile Sperm Cells, which is the only type of sperm cells that can fertilize the woman's eggs.

  • Easy and quick home test, instead of a visit to the doctor
  • With an outstanding level of accuracy of 96% validated against WHO GOLD Standard (2010)
  • Gives results of sperm quality after just 30 minutes

The box contains one SwimCount™ Test, one collection cup and one syringe that shall be used to transfer the sample from the cup to the test as well as a user manual.


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