IVF Scientist Supervisor Dr. Marcos Meseguer Escrivá, Fertility Clinic IVI, Valencia, Spain
Marcos Mesequer Escrivá
"The SwimCount™ Sperm Quality Test is a revolution for the early diagnosis of male infertility, which we must remember is the cause of 40% of infertility problems. Another 40% is due to women and the remaining 20% to unknown causes. We should not underestimate the importance of the male factor in reproduction and therefore, a test like this, which allows men to obtain an early diagnosis with a high degree of reliability in the comfort of their own home, is a breakthrough, he explains and further stresses that an advanced age is also a factor that influences the male fertility”.




 Medical Director of Auckland Fertility Clinic Repromed Dr. Guy Gudex, New Zealand

New Zealand was the first country outside of Denmark to receive the SwimCount™ Sperm Quality Test. Reproductive specialists in New Zealand believe it provides impetus for men to engage with their fertility. "I think it potentially is going to go a long way. It is going to generate quite a lot of discussion among men. It helps you to plan things. It might not mean trying straight away, but it might stop you from waiting until you are 35." (www.stuff.co.nz, October 2015)







Senior Embryologist Claire Moran, PhD, Repromed Fertility Clinic, Kilkenny, Ireland)

"In my professional opinion, SwimCount™ [Sperm Quality Test] is the closest product out there to a lab-based semen analysis. In fact, in tests it has proven over 94% reliable compared to a lab-based semen analysis." (SwimCount™ Review, YouTube, July 2016)