"It took half an hour to do it in the bathroom. It was easier than I thought and I was chuffed to get a good result. I was scared about it, but know I know if we want to try again for a child in the future, there is nothing stopping us."
— Nemo


"Even though I am happily single, my fertility is something that has always been in the back of my mind."
"Men need to know this just as much as women do."
— Jonathan


"...this has been a real wake-up call for me."
— Jon


"Very simple to use and extremely accurate helped me and my wife concieve at just the right time in our lives great product and will recommend to friends and family as well as group members the product is very well made"
— Danny M

"Easy to use and cheaper/less intimidating than a doctors appoitment. I don't know how accurate the results are since I have no control tests done at my doctors, but they seem reasonable. It would be a good first step for couples who are trying to concieve and having difficulty." 
— Scott B

"Very easy to use." 
— Ashley 
"try it" 
— Nay 
"I don't understand how the device worked, but you inject the syringe into a plastic hole and nothing happens until you push the button then it displays the color. Mine turned very dark purple which indicates heavy swimmers. Easy test, highly recommend!" 
— Joseph