The story of fertility

The story of fertility

June 07, 2017

’The story of fertility’ is an informative and interesting documentary on fertility from 2016 in England. It focuses on both men's sperm quality and women's number of eggs in a world where we get older and older before we start to plan our first child - and therefore implications when trying to conceive may arise because of the late age. Today, there are more women over 40 who get pregnant than under 20.

Age is an important factor as the number of women’s egg decrease as well at the quality of a man’s sperm.

Today, both men and women can check their fertility potential. Women can get be informed of the number of eggs they have left from their gynecologist and men can take a sperm quality test which shows how many progressive motile sperm cells he has and whether it is possible to make a woman pregnant in a natural way within a year.

Watch the documentary and become wiser on fertility, and what options you have as a couple if you need help conceiving.

Watch: The story of fertility, Danish TV, DR2 06.06.2017

Watch: Alex Jones - Fertility & Me, UK, BBC 20.09.2016

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