SwimCount in the newspaper MetroXpress, Mens' Health

SwimCount in the newspaper MetroXpress, Mens' Health

September 27, 2017

Mens' Health

Men's Health is a campaign aimed at men and they focus on everything from diet and health to erection problems and sperm quality. In this connection, there is a section in the Newspaper MetroXpress today where SwimCount is on the frontpage 😎 MetroXpress is printed in more than 75.000 copies in the capital region of Copenhagen.

If you want to read more about mens' health you can do it here.

On this website you can also read an article about men's sperm quality and how disturbing it is that more than 20% of all young men have low sperm quality! Fortunately, you can do a lot to improve your sperm quality in just 10 weeks.

Read the article in Danish here. 

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