Conversation between couple

Conversation between couple

May 25, 2018

We feel that male fertility still is kinda taboo, but we don't think it should be like that. Do you guys agree?

By actively doing something in regards of your fertility, you take charge of your own health. But just like any other change regarding you and your body, you need to know if anything is 'wrong' to make a change. And therefore we think that it is very important, that men in generel gets more aware when it comes to their own fertility, and hereby also their sperm quality. Your sperm can actually also show if you have any hidden health issues you don't know about. Change in color, texture, odor, taste and mass can be signs of that there is something changing in your body.

We want you all to know that you are not alone! 4/10 (!) men experience difficulties when it comes to sperm quality and fertility. But the sooner you know, the better - because typically you can do something about it!

And if you want to test your sperm quality at home, with the one you love, we can offer you that!

Our SwimCount test is easy and valid, and it is an at-home test there will tell how many motile and progressive sperm cells you have. You can also buy one of our condoms, so that your significant other can be a part of the process. Then taking the test might not be so bad after all.