The SwimCount Condom

A new SwimCount Condom to collect the semen sample

Our new SwimCount Condom is without spermicide and is specially made for the SwimCount Sperm Quality Test


The SwimCount Condom without spermicide is not killing the sperm cells as opposed to most of today’s standard condoms and has further been produced of an extraordinary good natural rubber quality. 

We have already received good comments from markets with a majority of Muslims (and also Catholics) for whom (as we have understood) it is not acceptable that the man masturbates himself. It could then be a rather good solution (a Win-Win) for the Man/Woman and/or the Couple to collect the sample in a condom for the SwimCount Sperm Quality Test.

It should be used as a normal condom but with no lubricants (sylvia on the outside of the condom is OK) just to make sure that nothing get mixed with the semen sample and here after gives a false result in the SwimCount Sperm Quality Test.

Why develop a SwimCount Condom?

Our SwimCount Sperm Quality tests had shown an accuracy of 95 percent and therefore, doctors and pharmacies in several markets started to recommend our SwimCount test. Normal condoms have spermicide on them, which is of course meant to kill the good sperm cells and therefore these cannot be used to collect a semen sample for the Sperm Quality Test. It is undesirable because we want to test sperm quality and to make SwimCount even more convenient to use, we decided to developed a special condom without spermicide so that couples could collect the sperm sample during intercourse.

And we are satisfied - this is the result!