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History and MotilityCount ApS

It all started in 2010, after 15 years of experience in the field of fertility, Steen as a researcher and Co-Owner of a fertility clinic and Jacob as R&D Manager, when they concluded the same thing:  

Most men are unwilling and hesitant to visit a fertility clinic or a hospital to get their sperm tested. First of all because it's inconvenient and secondly because it feels embarrassing.  

The experience and knowledge of both lead to an innovative idea on how to solve this problem and measure male fertility easily at home.  
5 years of development and hard work lead to accreditation, a patent for the SwimCount™ Membrane Swim-Up Technology, and a CE mark approval by the European Union

In 2015 the first customers were able to measure their sperm quality without stress, conveniently at their own home.