SwimCount attented EY ENTREPRENEUR OF THE YEAR 2018

SwimCount attented EY ENTREPRENEUR OF THE YEAR 2018

November 02, 2018

SwimCount attented the EY ENTREPRENEUR OF THE YEAR 2018 event in Copenhagen 

Mogens Thomsen, CEO of MotilityCount ApS who has developed SwimCount Sperm Quality Test, was invited to participate at the EY Entrepreneur Of The Year 2018 earlier this week to listen to the invited speakers and to vote on who should be the Entrepreneur Of The Year 2018.

It is always a good idea to be inspired by others and to participate in events like this to reboost the energy in order to find new ways of making SwimCount grow even more - not just in Denmark, but Worldwide.

EY Entrepreneur Of The Year is Denmark's and the world's most recognized growth cabinet competition. It is a tribute to the women and men who build and run successful, expanding and dynamic companies. EY celebrate their success and their contribution to our society once a year.


SwimCount Entrepreneurship of the year


The SwimCount™ Team has a clear strategy for ensuring the safety of our employees, especially those who are potentially more exposed to Corona. Therefore, the employees that can, are working from home these days.

But we are fully operational and we are more than happy to ship your orders via UPS. 😊

This means that there are no excuses for spending some time at home to test your swimmers! 😉