SwimCount is accepted by the ASRM!

SwimCount is accepted by the ASRM!

July 12, 2017

SwimCount has been accepted by the ASRM to be presented on a Poster in the ASRM Scientific Congress and Expo 

We are pleased to announce that SwimCount has just been accepted by the ASRM (American Society for Reproductive Medicine) to be presented on a Poster in connection with the forthcoming ASRM Scientific Congress and Expo in San Antonio USA from Oct. 28th to Nov. 1st 2017

 You can read more about the ASRM here.

SwimCount sperm quality test scientific paper

Endorsement for SwimCount

This is obviously a very big and huge endorsement for the SwimCount Sperm Quality Test, and we shall be delighted to share the Confidential Poster information at a later stage as it clearly proves that we are taken very seriously by the ASRM.


The SwimCount™ Team has a clear strategy for ensuring the safety of our employees, especially those who are potentially more exposed to Corona. Therefore, the employees that can, are working from home these days.

But we are fully operational and we are more than happy to ship your orders via UPS. 😊

This means that there are no excuses for spending some time at home to test your swimmers! 😉